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Solano Hair Dryer Guide

When you think of high quality hair dryers, one of the first brands that pops into our heads is the Super Solano range. They started in 1976 and created the first ever dryer with the “cold shot button”. All of their dryers are designed, engineered and built in Italy including their top class AC motors which are hand crafted. They are good alternatives to other brands like Rusk speed freak hair dryers, Babyliss and Elchim blow dryers. Like Paul Mitchell, these blow dryers were originally aimed at the professional hair and beauty industry. However, they became so popular that they finally made  the Super Solano range also available to the general public.

Solano offers high end dryers for people seeking perfection. If you are thinking of investing in one of these blow dryers then take a look at our mini reviews below. Although there are more models available we’ve included what we think are the best models for everyday use, working with thick hair and fine air.

The Super Solano 3500 Lite – Perfect for everyday use

If you are drying your hair everyday with the intention of straightening it then you should consider the Super Solano 3500 Lite. It has the ideal combination of power and ionic, tourmaline technology. It is also very lightweight and easy to hold for extended periods of time. It has five different temperature settlings including cold shot and two different speeds. The 3500 has the latest Ionic and tourmaline technology which basically reduces static and encourages healthy hair. It also comes with a really long cord which is perfect if you like moving around when you blow dry your hair or your socket is a long distance from your mirror. It’s not too noisy either and comes in a black scratch resistant black metallic shell. In fact one user said it was the quietest dryer she had ever used and that with this machine she dried her shoulder length hair in half the time of other dryers.


This is the best hair dryer I have ever owned. Prior to purchasing it I was skeptical; could an expensive hair dryer really be that much better than a $40 or $50 model? The answer is … click here to read more.


In terms of negative factors about the 3500 one or two owners said the button positioning were not ideal and some argued that it does not blow as hot as other hair dryers they have previously owned. One of the biggest complaints was that people had to pay $30 to Solano to return it if it stopped working. Fortunately since 2009 this is no longer the case and you can return a faulty dryer within its 2 year warranty free of charge. A similar alternative to this is the GHD Air blow dryer.





Solano 3700 – The choice for bushy coarse hair

If you are blessed with thick hair then you should take a look at the 3700 model. Out of all the super Solano range, it has the fastest wind power. This model also has ionic technology, 3 settings including a cold shot and also has far infrared heat. What the infrared does is dry hair from the inside out which gives you healthier hair overall. One owner, who describes herself as having very thick hair which is curly on top, said that it used to take her up to an hour to dry her hair before but with the 3700 it only took 25 minutes. This was not only to dry her hair but to style it as well.

Although most users said the 3700 is lightweight and can be held it up high for long periods of time a few users disagreed and said it was too heavy. There are a few negative comments about this product. One user said that this model was too powerful for her thin fragile hair and left it frizzy. If you do have thin hair then you are much better off with the original Solano model.



Solano Original Dryer – Ideal for thin or weak hair


If you have fine hair then we recommend you stay away from Ionic technology. Blow dryers with Ionic technology can sometimes weigh fine hair down. The original super Solano is one of the most popular dryers with professionals within the hair styling industry and a home favorite as well.

People who own this model only have good things to say about it. One consumer who uses theirs in a salon described it as “practically indestructible” and has owned it for years. This dryer is not so good for people with difficult ‘thick’ hair but is great for regular or weak hair.




Super Solano Professional – Popular with the pros but also good at home

The Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer is a hair drying tool that operates by using far infrared heat to dry the hair. According to the company, the hair dryer is equipped with extremely powerful airflow that is designed for fast drying time. I think that this tool could be great for moms or working professionals with little time. In fact, many women have agreed that because the dryer is so powerful, their hair has never dried so quickly.

Technical Specifications

  • Made in Italy with a long-lasting motor
  • Far infrared heat dries hair thoroughly
  • Includes a weight-balanced AC motor for maximum, quality performance
  • Low EMF for reduced environmental and health concerns
  • Tourmaline shines and smooths hair
  • Ceramic features give out heat more evenly
  • Includes 3 temperature settings
  • Weighs 1lb


Using It

I have read that many women were extremely happy with the blow dryer. One woman said that before she started using the Super Solano, she always saw drying her hair as a chore. Now, she says she almost looks forward to it!

In one review, a woman noted that the dryer does indeed get very hot. However, she said that it is because of the heat that her hair dries quicker. As a bonus, it even creates a beautiful shine! Because the Super Solano can get so hot, she said that it shouldn’t be held in the same spot for a long time, or the heat will start to hurt. Even if that happens, the dryer includes a cold air button that will provide immediate relief. It is also worth mentioning that the dryer comes with multiple temperature settings, so if you would prefer, you can adjust the heat accordingly.

One customer said that this a hair dryer truly built to last, especially if you have really long or thick hair. This is a much better alternative to continually purchasing drugstore brands that eventually give out from everyday use.

If you are a professional hair stylist, this tool could be a great investment. In an Amazon review, one hair stylist wrote that it has significantly reduced the time it takes her to do a blowout. This not only saves her time; it helps her earn more money quickly.

Because the Super Solano professional has such a high powered motor, it is heavier than most blow dryers, but customers are still thrilled with it. One woman even said that the heaviness doesn’t bother her a lot, even though she struggles with severe back problems. Even if the dryer was too heavy for some, they would only need to hold it for a few short minutes because of how quickly it dries the hair.

I read one review that discussed how this dryer improved the health and softness of really dry hair. The review was written by a woman who had recently decided to stop coloring her gray hair and blend it with highlights instead. She was unhappy because her hair started to get really dry with lots of fly-aways. Under the recommendation of her hair stylist, she switched to sulfate-free shampoo, which only helped a little bit. Her hair stylist recommended the Super Solano, and she has been amazed with the results! Her hair now looks and feels healthier and softer than ever.



Though the overwhelming response to this product has been very positive, I have seen a few people complain about it. Though these types of reviews have been very few, I have noticed that an extremely small percent of the customers are complaining that the dryers they purchased stopped working after a short amount of time. Fortunately, the hair dryer does come with a warranty, so if you have similar problems you could easily get your money back.

Because the Super Solano professional can get so hot, one woman noted that it is probably not the best purchase if you have fine hair. She wrote that it only gave her fine hair lots of tangles. However, if you use the lower settings then this should not be a problem.


Final Thoughts

There will never be a perfect drying tool, but I think that this one seems pretty exceptional. On Amazon, the Super Solano received 4.3 out of 5 star reviews, which I believe says a lot about the quality of the product.

No matter what, I know that there will always be people who don’t like a certain product, even if it’s considered to be one of the best. It is very possible that a tiny percentage of the hair dryers have glitches or damage, but overall, they seem to be quality products. Most customers left 5 star reviews on the Amazon page, and only a few left really critical reviews.

I think that this would be a great hair styling tool to purchase if you are looking for a high quality, long-lasting hair dryer that offers convenience, especially if you have very limited time.

Because all hair is not the same, I think that you may benefit from a dryer that isn’t as hot if you have fine hair.

Otherwise, if you are after something with fast drying times then the super Solano professional hair dryer is a great option.

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