Rusk Curl Freak Review

With the popularity of the Conair curl secret it was only a matter of time before rivals started appearing. The Curl freak a name giving a nod to its popular speed freak rusk hair dryer, is Rusks equivalent. Read on to find out what we think of it.

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  • 3 Heat Settings:
    •  375oC – For delicate, fine or colored hair
    •  410oF – for normal textured hair
    •  450oF – for thick or wavy hair
  •  3 Timer settings with beep:
    • 8 seconds, 3 beeps for loose waves
    • 10 seconds, 4 beeps for soft curls
    • 12 seconds, 5 beeps for defined curls
  • Curl in two directions – The first setting behind the curling part you should see RLA slide it all way back to A that’s the alternate setting
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Auto turn off (60mins) & sleep mode (20mins temperature drops)
  • 8 foot swivel cord so lots of space to move about
  • PDF Manual


Using the Curl Freak

A quick flick through the manual is worth doing to help you understand which switches and buttons do what. It is very strongly recommended that you use heat protectant product on your hair before using this device. It protects your hair from damage, especially the danger of burning your hair.

When you turn it on the light letting you know that the unit is ready takes only seconds. Make sure your hair is dry and tangle free. Switch the settings for your hair type and the type of curl you want.

Hold the section of hair you want to curl and place it straight in the center of the curl freak which should be chamber facing towards your head.
Then let go of the hair, close the handle to allow the curler to work its magic. It will beep to let you know when it has finished or if there is a problem like you have put too much hair in or it is not in the center of the chamber.

For people who think they will find the beeps annoying you will be glad to know that you can turn them off.


Watch this video to see the curl freak in action.

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You adjust the tightness of the curl you create by combining the heat setting, timer and with the amount of hair you put in it. So to get the tightest possible curl, you use the highest heat setting for your hair type, highest timer and only place a small amount of hair in the chamber. Overall most people were happy with the results that the curl freak gave them.

Rusk say that this hair tool works on any length hair and also on any style or texture including African American hair as well. However, I would say that there is definitely an optimal length to get the most out of it. I would say that is just above the shoulder to mid-way down your back. One woman with a short bob cut said that it did not work for her and I would imagine that hip length hair might struggle going through the chamber. I could be wrong about this though because this is just my opinion.

You also have the different settings so this works on fine hair to thick hair as well. If you are worried about if this works for you because of the texture of your hair then it is worth testing first. All you have to do is take a strand from delicate or pre-treated hair. If this goes well then you know you can use it for your whole head.

You can clean the unit by using a damp cloth and mild detergent. The curler also comes with a special tool that helps to clean the inside of the chamber.



The most common complaint about this curling tool (and similar products to it) is that if your hair gets caught in the chamber it really hurts and can be very annoying to get out. However, when this happens it tends to be when people are in a rush and/or DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

To avoid this happening to you the instruction manual clearly states that the most hair you should put in at once is an inch wide. To avoid tangles, it is also worth quickly combing through each section of hair just before you put it in the chamber.

The unit weighs roughly 2 pounds which is obviously heavier than other curling devices so some people complained that their hands ached after using it. A ladies also said that using this on your own hair can be tricky, especially when trying to reach the back of your head.

There is also a debate as to whether this is faster or more effective than traditional curling tongs. It seems that people who use their rusk curl freak a lot got the technique down and can now curl faster than if they used alternatives. It is also preferred by people who want to avoid burning themselves the way you can with traditional curling tools.




This is a fast and stress-free to use device that reduces curling time for a lot of users whilst avoiding the burns of traditional curling tongs.

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