Paul Mitchell Straightener


So I was looking for reviews of the Paul Mitchell Straightener online could’nt find any decent ones. They all seemed to be rehashed versions of the Amazon page. Then I went to YouTube and after spending a bit of time trawling through a lot of videos finally found some useful reviews.

So what I’ve done is curated all of the helpful reviews I could find onto one page which will give you an idea of what people who actually own the product think of it.

Some of these videos are just the person talking about the flat iron, others give demonstrations of the straightener in use. Where possible I’ve tried to highlight the best bits by including timings.

I’ve not included specs because you can find them easily enough on the official page or as I mentioned earlier Amazon. A link is on the bottom of this page.


Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Video Reviews


I like Daisy Bells video. You can tell that she is so excited with her paul mitchell straightener that she had to post a review! It’s short at 1.24mins and has a nice before and after shot. Only downside is that you don’t actually get to see the straightener in action but good starting point.


I love this video for the protools ion straightener. The reviewer is honest enough to say that this is the first high quality flat iron she has ever owned so can’t compare it to other high end flat irons. The demo starts at 3.15mins and you can see her using the straightener. The video cut off at the end though (can’t tell if it was my connection or the actual video itself) which is a shame but overall a helpful video.


Charley LMA has a nice little 7 minute video. She has really curly hair so it takes her between 30-45 minutes to straighten her hair. Overall she really likes this straightener but has one negative comment that she talks about around the 55 second mark.


The Negative Review

So I managed to find one review that was negative from a young girl. She basically says that it does exactly the same as her cheaper flat iron does but doesn’t leave her hair smelling burnt! However, she got this response from a hair designer:

I disagree with you on this first your iron is not turned all the way up you already have applied the heat protector on it….I’m a hair designer and I love this iron my guest do as well I do a lot of natural clients…they are pleased with the results this is just my opinion…next time add a little pressure towards the root and pull down you will see the difference.

Another woman also disagreed and commented:

I love this flat iron! I have course hair and stretch my relaxers for 6 months and use it on 280-300* with good results. I don’t turn it up all the way b/c it’s not good for your hair and I hate flat looking hair on myself.


Paul Mitchell Verses

I kind of like these verses videos and kind of don’t. Why have more than one flat iron? I guess that’s called dedication to straight hair!

Paul Mitchell 1.25″ verses store brand (Remington $25 something)

Anyway, first one on the list is from Beloved Teresa. I really struggled to hear what she was saying because the music is quite loud and very distracting. fortunately the music stops after about 10 minutes. To sum up her view “This guy (Remmington) is cool but has nothing on this guy (Paul Mitchell).”


Paul Mitchell Express ION style 1.0 vs KQC flat iron

Next up we have verses KQC from It’s Terrance. Yay a boys opinion on flat irons. Admit it boys, you love straight hair just as much as us girls :-). Anyway Terrance seems to know what he is talking about. He loves the silicone strips on the Paul Mitchell and said that it had never pulled his hair. He thinks it’s much better than the KQC. He mentioned that he uses a PM hair product but I can’t remember which one so I don’t know if that makes a difference to how effective it is? Thank You cute boy.



Paul Mitchell Vs. Infra

The next video is from Soapery Sweet and features the Power In Pink limited edition. I really struggled with this video. She seems like a lovely gal but the way the video was edited means that she cuts off the end of her sentences. I nearly didn’t include the video, however from about 6.05mins on she grabs a volunteer and uses the pink flat iron on one side of her hair and the Infra on the other side so you can compare the difference for yourself. Nice Idea.


Chi vs Paul Mitchell protools ionstyle straightener (Professional)

So this video by Grecia Savage gets really good at about 5.30mins. She really gets into the zone and gives some very helpful information on the PM flat iron. So she used to have a CHI that lasted her for five years that she loved byt her cosmetologist friend took her to buy the Paul Mitchell one. She does spend a couple of minutes re-iterating that it’s professional but someone on the comments list said that in her opinion there is no difference between the professional one and the general public one. A good review. thanks Grecia 🙂



I hope you found this page helpful. If you did please take a minute to write me a comment below. If they are popular I will make some more.

My conclusion is that the people who reviewed Paul Mitchell Flat Irons thought they were good. Actually most of them loved it. I was shocked by some of the prices they paid though. I think I find some of the best deals though which I’ve shown below.

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