Paul Mitchell Hair Dryer Review

On this page you will find a review of the V2 & Neuro blow dryers by Paul Mitchell.

Paul Mitchell Blow Dryer V.2

This video shows the Paul Mitchell hair dryer in action.


With Paul Mitchell blow dryer, your morning will be lovelier and you will feel more gorgeous as you walk out your room to greet the day. It is astounding how this tool can really make a huge difference. With this tool, there will no longer be bad hair days.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from this Product?

The Paul Mitchell hair dryer utilizes less heat which means that it does less damage or no damage to the hair. This is also appropriate for any kind of hair. It is particularly magnificent for those that have long and extremely thick hair. This is a valuable investment that makes the users enjoy having lavish hair for years to come.

Paul Mitchell Hair Dryer Product Description

Pick up the pace and put less pressure on curls with Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Dryer V.2. This is because of a strong air flow and an additional dose of the Pro Tools Express Ion Complex. This state of the art and high speed styling device lessens drying time and make the most of the healthy results.

It comes with infrared which protects your hair from damages, while the supercharged negative ions disintegrate water molecules then fill in the shaft, covering the cuticle and restoring the moisture as well. Rowdy tresses will now become a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter what kind of style you want, as this tool will let you enjoy a static free, shiny finish in an instant.

Product Features


The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Dryer is considered one of the latest craze in hair style products. Imposed with essential features, this tool stands out from the rest.

Some of the notable features of the Version 2 model are:

  • 3 Heat/2 Speed Settings
  • Cool Shot
  • Far Infrared Ionic Heat
  • Adds Ions, Shine
  • Concentrator Nozzle
  • Backed with 1 year warranty
  • 1875 Watts
  • Dry hair to 60 percent much faster compared to other blow dry available on the market.



  • The remarkable hair dryer by Paul Mitchell provides lots of benefits such as:
  • Exceptional Express Ion Complex combination of ceramic and silicon dries your hair gently and fast from inside and out, leaving your hair hydrated, frizz free and conditioned.
  • Powerful styling in a concentrated and strong air flow provides an additional increase of Express Ion Complex in order to secure and at the same time condition susceptible lock.
  • A thin style and ground-breaking specialized light AC motor imposed in this tool makes the Paul Mitchell blow dryer lightweight and simple to utilize hour after hour.
  • The dryer has an adjustable heat.
  • Ceramic heater and minimize drying time and take full advantage of healthy results
  • Ultra lightweight and easier styling
  • Automatic locking cool shot and simple to use
  • The blow dryer is remarkable and arrived in time in a good condition.
  • Works as advertised and high quality
  • Effectively dry curly hair without causing any damage.


The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Dryer styles your hair fast using a hairbrush. On the other hand, it is relatively heavy according to one customer. Another factor which a number of customers don’t like about this product is the fact that the nozzle is hard to remove if you place it on. This remarkable blow dryer is also expensive compared to other model. However, you can avail this product at a very reasonable price to various online stores that offer deals and great discount.

These small drawbacks are nothing compared to the features and the quality of service the product provides. This is very durable, and last longer. It can withstand daily use making it a good investment.

Customer Review and Score

The Paul Mitchell blow dryer receives higher rating and lots of positive reviews on As a matter of fact, out of 12 certified customers who review this product, eight of them rated the product with five stars, 3 customers rated the product with four stars and one customer rated the product with three stars with an overall rate of 4.6 out of 5 stars. As of now, this is the only blow dryer available on Amazon that gets this higher score.




Blow drying makes your hair shiny and in a good condition, especially if you use a high quality and reliable blow dryer. If you are searching for a blow dryer that is easy and quite to use and has the capability to blow dry thick hair without stress, look no further as the blow dryer by Paul Mitchell is the best and only option. It dries curly hair fast, the high heat doesn’t leave frizz and doesn’t damage hair compared to other products with the same price.

Best Place to buy online

Amazon is a good starting point but if you want to the full selection then the best place (and currently the only place) to buy the full range of Paul Mitchell blow dryers online at reasonable prices is ebay. Click on the image below to see what I mean.



Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry

The Neuro range contains modern technology. Some of the features you will have heard of before, some features are unique. This hair dryer is really good for girls with curly hair or who struggle with frizz. The Neuro blow dryer has the following features:

  • 4 Heat settings & a cool shot.
  • 1875 Watts with LCD display.
  • Cleaner filter indicator light to ensure that the hair dryer is in peak performance.
  • Tourmaline ions that quickly and gently dry your hair, whilst reducing frizz and adding shine.
  • 9 foot swivel cord & 2 year warranty.
  • Beautiful design including protective rubber coating.
  • It also comes with a diffuser made of silicone that is heat resistant.

Megan from Loxa Beauty had this to say about it:

“this dryer gives supreme control for styling and blow drying your hair. The design make it extremely easy to blow dry my hair.  It is a very fluid process to make the setting hotter or colder with this hair dryer. I love the cold setting as it significantly decrease frizziness with curly hair.

The collapsible silicon diffuser is unlike any other diffuser I have ever used. It moves with the curls making it faster to dry my curly hair without needing more heat.

Overall, Paul Mitchell ProTools and Neuro Styling Tools are just AMAZING!”
You can read the full article here

You can see the Neuro hair dryer in action in the video below.


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