Elchim Hair Dryer

Elchim Hair Dryer



When you talk to the professionals about good blow dryers, an Elchim hair dryer is always thrown into the conversation. Elchim has been around since 1945 and prides itself on quality, teamwork and putting their customers first. They easily compete with other manufacturers like Solano and Rusk. The reason that they are still around today is because they are constantly researching and exploring new technologies.

Take for example Ionic technology. Traditional blow dryers produce positive ions which can cause static and frizz. Ionic hair dryers release negative ions which break down the positive water droplets, drying your hair faster and reducing heat damage. If you want the ultimate ionic dryer, buy one with a ceramic coating. Why? Because it helps heat the air more evenly. Elchim hair dryers have been known to deliver the results that women are looking for. The diversity of the product lines that Elchim provides has endeared the company to its customers.

Having an Elchim blow dryer has become a staple for those that want to take the utmost care of their hair. The dryers are innovative and easy to use. The hair dryers also provide a wide variety of benefits for its users. Their dryers protect hair from heating damage, make hair silkier, and smoother.

Most models include the seven switch combinations which provides a way to control air flow temperature and velocity. These blow dryers also uses innovative technology that combines heat control and air flow velocity to produce a product that makes hair supple, softer, and shinier.

Although these are not the only blow dryers that Elchim sell, we have included three that we think best reflect the needs of most people.


Elchim 2001 Professional

If you want to get to the mention of the hair dryer in the video above then skip the video to roughly 3.30 minutes.

This Elchim 2001 model balances performance, power, and practicality. This dryer l is commonly used by hair stylists because of its diversity and performance. This hair dryer uses 40 liters of air flow per second to dry hair quicker.

The design and features make this particular model easy to use. It is light weight, has a stylish design, and ergonomically designed. The hair dryer comes with a 2000 hour double balanced motor for longer useful life, heating features that is made from Swedish Kanthal wire, and a body made of polycarbonate plastic to make it shock and flame resistant.

Although a bit pricier compared to other hair dryers on the market, a 2001 professional is worth the investment because of the benefits it provides. Stylists have used this product and have been able to produce the results that their clients are looking for. Individual users have been able to benefit from the innovations put into an Elchim 2001 professional hair dryer.


Get this hair dryer if you want shinier, smoother, and softer hair while still encountering minimal heating damage.



Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic


Another Elchim hair dryer that one should be aware of is the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic. This innovative hair dryer uses ionic technology to produce great results. The ionic ceramic system that this Elchim model uses helps, moisturize and enlighten the air that creates frizzy and dry hair.

This hair dryer helps eliminate electrostatic charges that can damage different hair types. This powerful hair dryer can straighten even the frizziest of hair in a short amount of time.

Like other models, there are a few different color options available. The black and silver edition of this blow dryer is very popular. It is definitely the most attractive color combination and design. This is what one owner said about it.

I have purchased a few high-priced hair dryers in the past and none of them has ever lived up to the hype. I read all the great reviews and was guardedly optimistic. I can say that this dryer is … READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE

Other features that this product have includes and anti-slip system and protection against EMF. This model from Elchim has done it again. It has produced smoother and silkier hair whenever users have used it on a regular basis. It is also a lot quieter than cheaper hair dryers. The controls are easy to use. The buttons allow users to toggle the temperature of this hair dryer.

This really is a pleasure to use. The power that this hair dryer provides has straightened hair without damaging it. The Elchim 3900 model makes hair drying faster and more efficient.

Get this blow dryer if you want straighter hair faster.


Elchim 3800 Idea 2000 Watt Ceramic


This Elchim hair dryer delivers the results one is looking for. The Elchim 3800 Idea 2000 provides users with 1700-2000 watts of power for efficient hair drying action. This hair dryer also comes with a three temperature and two speed settings with a cold shot button for diversity.

Users can toggle the buttons to get the heating and/or cooling their hair needs. The anti-slip system with raised hemispheres ensures that this hair dryer is easy to hold and use.

This hair dryer also comes with two concentrators. This hair dryer has provided users with great results when it comes to drying and straightening their hair. The fast hair drying time has allowed users to get dolled up even when they are in a hurry.

This hair dryer is quieter compared to other hair dryers that are on the market. There are issues with the temperature, there are times when the hair dryer does not get hot enough, but overall it provides what a user needs to straighten frizzy hair.

The power that this hair dryer provides is one of the best. Users have benefited from the fast drying times that this hair dryer offer.

Get this dryer to get efficiency, power, and great results.


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