Chi Touch Dryer Review

The Chi touch dryer is the first blow dryer on the market with touch screen controls. The Farouk Chi is 1800 watts, with soft touch rubber and low EMF. It has advanced ceramic features and incorporates ion technology. Finally, it comes with nozzle and diffuser attachments. However, all of these great features come at a cost because the retail price for this dryer is $300! This is a lot more than comparisons like the Super Solano blow dryer range. So the question is, is the Chi touch screen blow dryer worth the money? Read on to find out.

The chi touch dryer comes with an 1800 watt DC motor which helps to give a faster drying time. The ergonomic design feels good to hold and weighing only 11.8 ounces, this is lighter than other hair dryers on the market. One user said it was definitely lighter than her Elchim and Hana dryers.

I am a hair stylist and a huge fan of the Chi products. I have owned at least 3 Chi dryers, have a couple of the flat irons (both digital and original) and used many of their hair care products. one of my main criteria when buying a dryer is QUIET, the next is FAST. This dryer is … Read full review here

The unique selling point of this Chi dryer is the touch screen function which helps you regulate power, heat and ions. This can all be based on your own hair type. There is also a cool touch button which gives you a blast of cold air, a popular feature on many modern blow dryers. This is located on the nape of the inside of the handle. Although unique a similar concept has been used for the Paul Mitchell Neuro smooth display screen.


Although the dryer comes with an informative instruction manual, you do not need to read it cover to cover to use it because the touch screen controls are so intuitive. You can also adjust the ions on this as well. One user said that even though she has thin long hair, it still gets frizzy in humidity so being able to personalize the ions smoothed out her hair beautifully even with the speed on full. A lot of consumers said that it left their hair feeling silkier and looking shinier. It is also great at reducing frizz.


Most users love the touch screen options and find them intuitive and easy to use. Some users said that it does not save their settings though. One user said they preferred the manual settings for speed and heat because they were faster to change than the touch screen. However, this was in a salon context so does not apply to home users.

The Chi touch screen dryer is quieter than lower to mid end hair dryers but a similar noise to similar high end dryers like the T3 or Rusk w8less. If you have owned a high end hair dryer in the past then the chances are that this will make a similar sound to the Chi. Some users have also said that it did not feel light to them but at only 11.8 ounces it is considerably lighter than the original Chi dryer.

Overall, we would say that this is a great hair dryer but we do not think it is worthy of the $300 dollar price tag. It also disappeared from Amazon and other online shops a while back. However, we were pleased to discover that it is available from ebay at a much lower price.

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