Babyliss Miracurl SteamTech Review

The babyliss pro nano titanium miracurl is one of the most popular premium curling devices available although not as popular as the Conair Curl Secret. In fact if you look at these devices like the curl secret, the Rusk curl freak etc. you will see that they look very similar and virtually do the same thing. So the question is, what unique feature can you possibly add to these devices to make them unique and stand out from the crowd?
Let us introduce you to the Babyliss Steamtech. That’s right, this curler steams your hair whilst curling it. To find out if this is a good thing read on …

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  • 3 Heat Settings:
    • 375oC – For delicate, fine or colored hair
    • 410oF – for normal textured hair
    • 450oF – for thick or wavy hair
  •  3 Timer settings with beep:
    •  8 seconds, 3 beeps for loose waves
    • 10 seconds, 4 beeps for soft curls
    • 12 seconds, 5 beeps for defined curls
  • Curl in two directions – You can specify the direction yourself or let the machine alternate for you.
  • Steam Function for longer lasting curls
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Auto turn off (60mins) & sleep mode (20mins temperature drops)
  • 8 foot swivel cord so lots of space to move about


How to use the device

As we have mentioned before, this curling machine is very similar to other devices so work in exactly the same way. If you want to know how it works, please using the Conair Curl Secret guide here. We have also included some tips below though to give you an idea of the best practise for this particular model.


  1. Follow the instructions closely and you should not have a problem with your hair getting stuck in the device.
  2. The definition of the curl you get depends on the heat and timer settings you use. To get the tightest curl, set it to the highest heat setting and longest timer.
  3. Using styling products definitely helps with how long curls last for.
  4. You can add volume and soft curl to shorter hair.
  5. On average it takes people between 15-20 minutes to style their hair. You need to add more time if you have thick or long hair.

Steam Function

Firstly make sure that the unit has water in it. Then to use the steam function, you first need to turn the machine on and wait a few seconds until the red light is solid which means the curler is ready to use. Then switch the steam mode to on. When using the steam function it is suggested that you keep it 1” away from your scalp. Watch the video to give you an idea of how it works.

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Essentially with this model you are paying extra for the steam function, so the question is, is it worth it? According to independent research, compared to a regular curling device the steam function gives you 20% better definition, 50% superior formation and lasts much longer. It is also meant to give you even shinier and smoother curls.

Interestingly we have not noticed people talking about shine compared to similar curling devices but a lot of people say that their curls do indeed last all day. One woman said “My curls stay all day and into the next. My hair has never held a curl for a few hours much less days.”

In fact, many reviews even said that the curls will also last to the day after with minor touch ups. One person said on the third day after using it they still have loose curls so either have their hair in an updo or ponytail.


If you read the 1 star reviews online they are all people complaining that they have received counterfeit versions. Babyliss even have a page addressing the issue here. We believe that amazon has since addressed this issue. However, if you are worried that you have received an imitation copy then get in contact with amazon immediately who are very good at offering refunds.
You can only use distilled water in this unit which can be a bit of a hassle to get.

Final Thoughts

If you thinking of getting the regular Babyliss Pro Miracurl get the Miracurl Steamtech instead. The steam function means that your curls will last a lot longer and they are currently the same price. This is a premium product that is more expensive than its rivals but overall users are very happy with the results it gives.

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