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Hair Dryer Tips

Top Tips for Buying a Hair Dryer

cool looking hair

Hair is an important attribute and we need to use proper gadgets to maintain the style and flow. When you are on the lookout for a hair dryer, you need to consider several factors. Here are some key tips to help you decide on the right dryer for your hair.

Know Your Hair

Don’t go rushing in to buy a dryer that your friends recommend to be good for her hair. There are quite a number of hair types and you need to make your choice based on your hair type. The texture of the hair ranges widely from straight to curly and the blow dryer must suit accordingly. Hair length, heat and speed settings also need to be considered while buying the hair dryers. Moreover, the individual’s choice of styling must also be taken into account before buying the hair dryer. You also have dryers with lots of features like the Chi touch dryer.


The hair dryer that you buy is not going to be used for a single day. In fact, it will be with you for years to come. With this in mind, see that the hair dryer you choose is a professional one that is having good quality designed with quality titanium grill and an ionic generator to keep your hair soft, smooth and shiny like the Paul Mitchell V2. The difference between the works of a professional blow dryer is quite dramatic in comparison.

Set a Budget

There is a large range of pricing of hair dryers within the high to low end. So keep a budget in mind before you start hunting for the right hair dryer like Babyliss. If you are someone who uses their dryer on a regular, daily basis, then opting for a dryer on the higher cost scale will be a wise choice. Heat is prone to damage hair and it would be better to invest on the dryer than end up with a dry and brittle hair.


There are specific features that must be searched for to define the dryer. The ceramic plates are necessary to avoid damage and frizzy hair, giving it a smooth shine. The ionic technology decreases the time taken for drying the hair and the negative ions smoothen your hair. Tourmaline intensifies the ionic technology, giving your hair an extra shine. These are some basic specs that suit every hair type. Check out our Solano overview.

Check out our Reviews

No one can say more about the hair dryer than someone who has already used it. Look up the different reviews that the  dryer you are about to choose has and see if the positive ones satisfy you, like Elchim dryers. If you find more repeating negative comments, then you need to move on the next hair dryer in mind. It is better to learn from other’s experience when it comes to buying a dryer!

There are hundreds of blow dryers that are built to suit your needs. Choose the one that best adapts well to your hair and will stay with you for a long time. A hair dryer will make your hair look well maintained when used regularly. Get your very own dryer today!

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